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General Questions

How to start my registered programme

  • Please refresh our website (
  • Click on login.
  • Enter your email ID in the username area and your password in the password area.
  • After login, Click on the profile menu which you can find on the top right corner.
  • Click on Enrolled Courses.
    You will be able to find your enrolled programmes there.
  • Click on “Start Learning”

    If you are still having issues in finding your registered programme, just mail as at
    We will always be happy to help you.

Who is KODACY?

We are an ISO certified government registered company. KODACY is independently registered but we work closely with the parent company SPACE. The name KODACY is derived from the phrase Code-Legacy. KODACY is an educational platform aiming to provide accessible and affordable education for all, anywhere across the globe; without time constraints.


Are your courses and internships certified?

Yes we will be providing you a valid certificate after the course completion. In some cases you’ll have to successfully pass the test given at the end of the program to be eligible to receive the certificate. Please refer to the individual program for more information. 


The validity and authenticity of a certificate can be verified through our database. Please follow this {link} for certificate validation. 


Why are your courses so affordable?

We are focused on providing affordable and accessible education to anyone, anywhere across the globe. It is the motto of our company. Education shouldn’t be an exclusive privilege to only the ones who can afford it. Please refer to the {Our Story} section to know more. 

Are there any hidden fees or additional charges?

Absolutely No. What you see at the price tag under each program is what you pay inclusive of all taxes. No more. No less. 


What is the syllabus of your course/internship?

Please check the individual course/internship page to know more. The respective syllabus and other information are given under each program. 

Is the course offline or online?

Online. All our courses, internships, or whatever else we may launch in the future, everything will be 100% online. We are creating an ecosystem to facilitate time and space independent learning. Anyone should be able to learn from anywhere. So we only provide online programs. 

Can we access it on mobile?

Yes, all our courses and internships are mobile friendly. It will always be ♥️. 

Eligibility criteria and prerequisites?

It depends on the particular program you are enrolling into. Most of our courses and internships are beginner friendly and may not require any specific prerequisites. But please do check the individual program description to know more. And in terms of eligibility, every human being on planet Earth is eligible. If there are humans outside of planet Earth then they are also eligible. If any Aliens wish to register then please contact us at before registering. 

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